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Are you planning to transfer to Tech after 1-2 years in a local or community college?

If you are transferring into the HIIM program from a community college or another university, our goal is to facilitate your transfer and help you complete the BS program in a timely manner. If you take the right classes during your first two years and if you earn acceptable grades, you can be on track to complete the BS degree in two years.

Recommended courses to be completed at the community/local college include:

• English Composition I and II (6 hours)
• Technical Writing (3 hours)
• College Algebra (3 hours)
• Finite Mathematics (3 hours)
• Speech Communications – public speaking (3 hours)
• Anatomy and Physiology I and II, (6 hours)
• Physics or Chemistry (3 hours)
• General Psychology (3 hours)
• Sociology (3 hours)
• Fine Arts – music, theater, dance or art appreciation (3 hours)
• History (3 hours)
• Medical Terminology (3 hours)

If you are taking courses at a university or community college in the state of Louisiana, you and/or your current advisor can check the Louisiana Tech Office of Admissions website at:

Louisiana Tech Office of Admissions

to determine the equivalency of general education courses at your college/university to those at Louisiana Tech.

If you are uncertain as to whether a specific course will count toward the BS degree in Health Informatics and Information Management at Louisiana Tech University, please contact us prior to enrolling in the course: